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Ape Case Pro Digital SLR and Video Camera Convertible Rolling Backpack (ACPRO4000)

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Intended to hold and effectively transport SLR advanced SLR 35MM computerized camcorders and a wide assortment of accessoriesIntegrated adaptive handle Smooth coming in-line skate style wheelsFully flexible bridle systemRetractable any-climate rain protectionPadded pocket secures portable PCs up to 17 Reconfigurable Hi-Vis yellow interior16 cushioned pockets and partmentsInterior: 13 1/8″ W x 16 11/16″ H x 6 1/2″ DExterior: 15 5/16″ W x 19 1/4″ H x 10 1/8″ D Outer measurements: up to 17″

The ACPRO4000 Convertible Rolling Backpack is intended to house and transport a full estimated tablet, a few DSLR's and various embellishments including focal points, flashes and tripods. Its one of a kind outline utilizes a removable truck framework that takes into account simple change from a moving case to a knapsack, immediately. Transport all your rigging easily with the wide-position, roller-edge quality wheels. At that point in a flash expel the truck framework and use as a knapsack to climb off to your last area.

Like all Ape Pro cases the ACPRO4000 Standard DSLR Holster highlights their mark Hi-Vis™ yellow inside, implicit retractable water evidence climate cover, and high-styled zipper pulls and accents. Hello there Vis™ makes seeing and discovering your gear and adornments inside your Ape Case much less demanding than in other brand's standard dark or dim insides. What's more, the included climate cover offers any-climate assurance, a component generally found in expensive rigging or accessible as a frill only.ACPRO4000_2.

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